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I am an experienced UX/UI designer who developed numerous marketing software products for companies like IBM in the recent years. My previous professional engagements included a wide range of design, multimedia and illustration works for a variety of corporate clients.

Wether you are looking for a full-stack software UX/UI designer, or for a high-end software demo/presentation specialist, I am your wizard.


"I would like to provide my strong and unequivocal support for Alex Tavshunksy. Alex worked for me as a lead designer for a core aspect of our platform. Alex brings a lot of professionalism to his work and I was consistently impressed with his knowledge, ability, and dedication to his work. He was always willing to step in wherever he was needed and has great depth as a designer with strong visual design skills, user experience acumen, and an innate ability to understand complex and technical experiences. Alex collaborates well with his peers and was highly regarded by colleagues in product and engineering. I would highly recommend Alex, he’d be an asset to any team."
"Alex is one of the most diligent and talented UX designers I have ever worked with. He was instrumental in helping to redesign a product I manage (i.e. IBM UBX/Acoustic Exchange). He is meticulous at his craft and is able to quickly deliver high fidelity designs with minimal hand holding. In an organization that thrives on agile development, a fast turnaround on product design is critical. Alex always meets every milestone and delivers modern designs that lead to optimal user experiences."
"Thank you so much for supporting the IBM Developer JumpStart Program and being a coach for Cohort 2.
Your expertise and participation in the workshop and the guidance you have provided to the team to help get them all the way to their 2nd review has been invaluable and truly inspirational to the early professionals. They could not have done this without you, your support, expertise and commitment. Take pride in knowing you have helped another generation of IBMers/developers learn to put the client first as they build out solutions. I personally want to thank you! Without you, I would not have a program to deliver in Canada."
"Alex has done stellar design work collaborating with the Journey Designer team and has recently joined the Real Time Personalization team to kick start their designs. The immediate reaction has been exceptional - product management want his designs in the product yesterday, development can't wait to implement them and excitement has returned to the team overall. The quality and creativity of the design work has been praised across the board along with Alex's openness and desire to collaborate." - From Bob Turnbull on Nov 28, 2015.
"Alex, thank you for the outstanding and welthought-out presentations and blueprints. They definitely helped me to better understand the project from the user perspective and made my collaboration with UI developer better and more effective. Your strong work ethics, dedication and professionalism make you an invaluable asset to our team! What a great UX Designer you are and I am looking forward to continue working with you on the UBX Capture project."
"I am a front end developer who has known Alex for almost 5 years and have worked directly with him for 1 year while he was the lead designer for a marketing product called IBM Universal Behavior Exchange. I thoroughly enjoy working with Alex because his positive attitude and passion for his work is second to none and it always motivates me. He is an extremely talented, detail-oriented and efficient worker. He is quick to learn new technology, take in requirements and design a beautiful, intuitive, well thought-out interface. Alex always welcomes feedback and determinedly iterates on his designs accordingly. Similarly, he is always willing and ready to provide guidance and feedback to implemented designs/code in a positive, kind and patient way."
"Alex has been working for Mystus Exhibits for several years and in several capacities. His assignments have included graphic design, illustration, graphic production, technical drawings and 3D computer rendering. He has produced work for both printed graphics and computer based multimedia exhibits. His work has been exemplary in all areas. He is fast and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Without hesitation I can recommend him for any graphics, illustration or imaging assignment."
"Alex's work as an illustrator and designer is exceptional. Having worked with Alex on several projects and promotional initiatives at Mystus Interactus, I found that his talents as an artist are equaled by his professionalism and excellence as a team player. From what I've seen, Alex produces quality work on time and on budget."
"Thank-you for a great piece of work. It was a delight working with you. And the end product is exceptional. We will definitely work with you again."
"Thanks for doing a great job on such short notice with such a large amount of work. We will definitely work with you again. You will be our “go to” designer."
"Since November 2000 I have hired Alex Tavshunsky regularly on a contract basis. On every occasion he has delivered the graphic design tasks with the highest level of professionalism. His drawing/illustration skills are outstanding and his great knowledge of graphics software enables him to translate that to any digital format. We have a wide range of projects from print to web and multimedia and Alex is comfortable working with all of them. Alex is pleasant to deal with and approaches every project with enthusiasm whether it is tedious or challenging – he would be a valuable asset to any company requiring these skills."

Honours and Awards

Reuter Foundation’s News Graphics Award for the Best Information Graphics, London, UK

Info-Graphics Workshop “Show, Don’t Tell” Guest of Honour, Pamplona, Spain

Society for News Design Award of Excellence for the participation in The Toronto Star News Design projects

Peel Regional Police Media Award for achievements in the Illustrated News Coverage, Brampton, Canada

IBM Eminence & Excellence Award, Toronto, Canada

Four IBM Manager’s Choice Awards, Toronto, Canada


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