Illustratiing Michael Rafferty Trial

In 2009, Michael Rafferty was charged with abduction, sexual assault and the murder of eight-year-old Victoria Stafford. In 2012, the Rafferty trial generated an avalanche of public interest in Canada. I have illustrated the entire case. My focus was on depicting the characters of both the crown and defense sides of this highly emotionally-charged event.

CBC 75th Universary Exhibition

An exhibition of my work as a CBC courtroom artist took place at the CBC’s open house celebrations in Toronto on October 1, 2011. Visitors had a chance to view an exhibition of my courtroom drawings and to wach my illustrations in a demo reel of the CBC’s news programming.

Animation and Cartoon Blog

I have always been fascinated with animation and cartoons. Recently, I put together a blog with my experiments in this field.

Online Art Gallery

Recently, I opened an online fine art gallery. The artworks in the gallery are available for visitors as original art prints. The visitor can customize the print size (from 6″ by 8″ to 45″ by 60″) and medium (art paper stock, canvass, acrylic and metal). Print options include greeting cards and framed prints.

Illustrating Colonel Williams Trial

In 2010, Canada was shocked by the crimes perpetrated by Colonel Russell Williams. The Williams trial spilled over to the top news lines of international media and dominated Canadian news coverage for its entire duration. I was illustrating every appearance of Colonel Williams in court, including his four-day sentencing procedure. My drawings of this trial were published worldwide, including in CNN broadcasts and on French TV Chanel M6.